Crossbreedings F 1´s
- The best of both World´s -

Working cattle….for working people

If you are a commercial farmer, you simply can´t afford not to be crossbreeding. The benefits of a crossbred cow to any commercial herd are undeniable and highly documented. 
Crossbreeding leads to Hybrid Vigor or Heterosis. Simply put, crossbreeds calves perform better for almost every trait and make more money (this is Individual Heterosis).

But it gets even better. Crossbred cows improve calving rates, calf survivability, more calves born and weaned, more kilograms of calf and more calves produced over the cow´s lifetime (this is Maternal Heterosis). With good management, Maternal Heterosis will make a farmer more money than else he
can do.  Our prefer crossbreeds which we breed are Simbrahs. After our experience this cross works best on our farm. 

Every cattlemen can see the benefits of combining the two most popular breeds in the world, Brahman and Simmental.  The Brahman influence adds disease and parasite resistance, adaptability, heterosis and longevity, while the Simmental contributes is strengths which include rapid and efficient growth, carcass quality, fertility and milk production, that´s why the Simbrah breed is one of the most popular of the Brahman influenced cross.