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We love the speciality, with the power of a vision

HO Brahmans is operated and owned as a division of Hauck/Opitz GbR

The HO Brahmans brand was the first registered Brahman breeder on European and German ground. We start to breed these majestic cattle in 2005 and we´re registered by the ABBA in the USA and by the ABBA in Australia as well, this will give you the safety for high quality fullblood Brahmans.

We produce the kind and type of cattle that will help you to be successful in the future. Our focus is on producing grass raised cattle that will perform in all conditions. Only a small stud we strive to improve our genetics through our AI, IVF and Embryo transplanting programs choosing only the best leading and top quality sires in USA, Canada and Australia for using on high quality and functional females

After our mind and experience it is very important to create strong and outstanding cow families and keep them in our herd to produce high quality offspring. With all these aspects our first aim is to produce sound, fertile, functional cattle with the concentrating on polled. We breed for exceptionally quiet temperament, high udder soundness, good legs and feets and perfect balanced muscle areas.

Our cattle are good grass converters and performers, achieve high weight gains through feedlots and are tender and tasty on the plate. The HO Brand leaves footprints in so many different countries in Europe, especially Germany, and around the globe. 



Genetic power + performance > Succsess


F1´s Simbrahs
Cattle that work everywhere


We stand behind our HO brand to ensure you are pleased with your purchase


Brahman - it´s not just about meat, it´s about eating experience

We´ve always our focus on the future and like to speak about the sequence of the Brahman genome as a new tool for better genetic prediction in cattle adapted to the changing climate. Visitors are welcome, if you like to visit us, to see our Brahmans and cattle, please give us a call or send a message and we´ll work a schedule for you.

Ms. Canadian Elfie and calf at side Ms. HO Elena P

Ms. HO Candy P and calf at side Ms. HO Cinderella Two P

Partnership is more than
a business!

We work together with some of the strongest breeders in business around the World

We’d love to show you around HO BRAHMAN Farm. Give us a call to schedule a time to come and see our cattle.


  • Rhoenstasse 5
  • D-36391 Sinntal-Oberzell
  • Germany